PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP Prestige Media Group SA is dedicated to the highest quality of consumer experience, luxury and Lifestyle delivered with elegance, style, and grace. PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. is a network of established and successful companies that operate worldwide that is experiencing tremendously rapid growth. We plan and are already adding companies to our portfolio that will provide us with the necessary expertise and networks to meet the future requirements of the industry. We do not just invest in companies. Each company in our portfolio complements the overall portfolio, ensures synergies. By buying companies with synergies, many services can be handled internally for a high level of cost efficiency. PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. handles the digitalization of all processes, products and companies and ensures that online presences and appearances as well as all transactions are processed using the latest and most modern methods. Supported by a community of several hundred thousand members consisting of digital natives und Marketing enthusiasts, PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. ensures that all affiliated companies and their customers always have the most modern solutions and offerings. The group's success has opened limitless opportunities that we are actively pursuing. In addition to our existing finance, technology, and media productions, we are currently making further acquisitions in various industries in the future.

Agile PMG is agile in responding to the needs of the public and its partners. It is in the nature of "special interest" media to be particularly fast and to have particularly high demands on the quality of products and services. Inspiring PMG offers its readership real added value in terms of content and design by inspiring and motivating them. This also applies to the cooperation with market partners and the services offered. Openness and innovation are prerequisites for this. Clear PMG offers orientation in a rapidly changing world and acts and communicates accordingly clearly and unambiguously. Ground-breaking With its content and services, PMG is not just a companion, it also claims to be a pioneer. The prerequisite for this is being open to new things and anticipating them as quickly as possible.

Marketing platform “Our mission is to build a trustless performance marketing platform to bring distributed apps to the mainstream.” PRESTIGE Evolution platform will be a disruptive force in the marketing space as it will eliminate the existing digitalization issues by leveraging the following benefits of the blockchain: Smart contracts will govern the satisfaction of conversion events eliminating disputes on conversion triggers. All revenue & conversion data will be added to the blockchain, creating an immutable audit trail that allows brands to audit and hold affiliates accountable for fraudulent behavior. Commission payments will be issued automatically & instantly eliminating payment defaults and cash flow issues.

PRESTIGEevo Build the world’s most transparent & trustless performance marketing tool Transparency and efficiency will allow brands and publishers to focus on maximizing growth, free from concerns of malpractice by the other party, thereby strengthening the blockchain based economy. Create the ubiquitous blockchain affiliate marketing platform. Prestige Evolution platform will connect affiliates with the brands that resonate most with their audience, allowing them to offer real value to their users. The platform will provide full end-to-end coverage for brands and affiliates to discover each other and build a longstanding, mutually profitable relationship. Become the gold standard for blockchain performance marketing. PRESTIGE Evolution platform will strike a first mover advantage and will leverage on its team’s multi-decade experience in the affiliate market (on both the brand and affiliate side of the equation) to build a product that provides solutions to pain-points that have plagued the industry for decades.

EtherLite is a blockchain platform built for efficiency; it provides a fast, secure and cheaper environment for building decentralised applications. It is fully compatible with Ethereum's tooling and Web3 technology stack and it runs on a PoS consensus algorithm. At EtherLite, transactions become instantly irreversible, there is no need to wait tens of minutes for confirmations. EtherLite runs on a POS consensus and is extremely scalable, it provides fast block times ~5s and 10,000+ TPS.