Basically everybody can sell his products here. We will pay you in Euros, even if the customer pays with PrestigeEVO, Bitcoin or Ethereum. You decide the selling price and the shipping costs. For digital products, also a shipping method "download" is available. This is very easy. Just open a standard account as user. Than click on "become vendor" and enter your data of your products. After review from us the products will go online and customer can buy them. We will keep you informed about the sales and you ship directly to the customer. You will get payed from us directly in Euros, even if the customer buy in Crypto Currency's.
Basically you decide the discount margin. This total margin will be used in different channels to sell your product. We suggest a high margin as we offer the products over several channels For offering a product without any sales you have to pay nothing (no "publishing fees")
Yes, we offer high security wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and PrestigeEvo. Exchange between the values is also possible on actual rates. If you keep your crypto-money in your wallet on our site, there are no transfer fees and transfer/payment will be immediately.
Yes, you should be able to send you goods to other countries. You define the shipping costs.
No, we do all the necessary steps when a customer buy a product from you in Crypto-Currency. You will be payed directly on your bank-account with Fiat-Money (Euros).
You are always able to transfer your wallets to another external wallet of for paying products worldwide.
You have automatically a wallet for Prestige-EVO, for Bitcoins and for Ethereum if you set up your account with us. You will find your wallets under "Wallet". If you press on "transaction" you can see your crypto-address for receiving one of these 3 currencies. If you press on "transfer" you can send your wallet cryptos around the world to other wallets. If you buy something on our site, we will deduct automatically the wallet you choose for payment. Without any transfer costs.
We offer a very interesting commissioning system for our partners, we call them Marketers. You are able to invite friends and known people to join the team and you will particpate of their buyings. Its very easy: You open an account as user. On your "my account" site you will find "Invite user". Enter the mail-address of your friends and interested persons. They will get a mail and can open an account also. If the invited person buyes something, you will get commission. Even if your invited invites others, you will get commissioned also if they buy something. And if these guys also invite somebody and he buy something you are lucky again and get commissioned. (total 3 Levels). These commissions of our Marketers will be payed monthly to your wallet on our site. You can use these in our site to buy something or to transfer somewhere else.