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just click at vendors page to "become Vendor" and fill in your data

Yes, we always pay you in your currency you choose when entering products, normally this is Euros. Customer can buy product in different Crypto-Currencies but you dont need to have the knowhow to deal with it.

Contact our support and we will take care of it.

You invite your friends and people you know to this e-commerce platform. If they buy something, you will get commissioned If they also invite their friends and these buy something, even then you get some commissions. This system goes over three levels and is a legal referral system.

1. get a free membership as user 2. select "become Vendor" 3. Fill out the "Vendor" Section 4. Add your products with texts, prices, commission rates, details, stock and more 5. We will check your product and set it as active 6 Sell products, you will also receive a detailed mail per order and have your dashboards for overview

I always act in a professional manner. I treat other Marketers with respect and consideration. Even from other companies I never speak of Prestige-Tech , its employees and other Marketers in a dismissive and patronizing manner. I act in accordance with the regulations set out in the Agreement for Marketeers and any other legal provisions. I immediately inform Prestige-Tech of any known breach of our guidelines

I share my personal experiences with others in a fair and realistic way. I speak of the success that can be achieved only through hard work and dedication. I give a realistic depiction of my lifestyle and success. I accurately describe the potential earnings. I introduce myself as an independent Prestige-Tech Marketer. I only focus on the products and services that relate to our E-Commerce Shop and our Benefit Program. I only approach people of age to inform them of our interesting business model.

I carefully and correctly explain the business opportunities. I point out that no one is obliged to purchase services or products to become a Marketer in our company. I use the webpages and the documents provided by Prestige-Tech to outline and explain the benefits I will communicate always in a truthful manner.